Apex Legends raises awareness for mental health with a new banner badge

The new Apex Legends badge is for Suicide Awareness Month.

Suicide Awareness Badge

Screenshot by Gamepur

Content warning: This article discusses mental health and suicide in a non-graphic manner; links to crisis hotlines are provided at the bottom.

Apex Legends badges are mostly for showing off your purchases or in-game achievements. Every now and then, the Apex Legends team releases special free badges that represent a community or movement, and allow players to show pride or solidarity. These badges were new to the game in 2021 and have appeared throughout the year. Some past examples of this badge variety have included the first of its kind: the Black Lives Matter badge, a Stop Asian Hate badge, an LGBTQ+ Pride and Progress badge, and now, a Suicide Prevention badge.

September is Suicide Prevention Month, a month that raises awareness of mental health and resources that can be used by people in crisis. The badge itself is royal blue and depicts a semi-colon, a metaphor for suicide prevention, as “a semi-colon is used when an author could have ended their sentence but chose not to.” It is a powerful symbol and a great choice for this particular badge. The Suicide Awareness badge is available to all Apex Legends players who log in during September.

If you or someone you know needs help, there are many resources and hotlines available to call: