Apex Legends Reportedly Adding NPC

We’ve already reported that one of the most requested features by the Apex Legends community could be coming to the game very soon.

If the most recent datamine is to be believed, indeed, Respawn Entertainment is implementing a brand new Night Mode to the title.

The Night Mode is reportedly as simple as it looks, bringing complete darkness to the King’s Canyon map.

That should be radically changing the look of the map, and on top of that add a different layer in terms of spots where you can usually do your kills or defend yourself and your team.

Anyway, there could be more to it.

Datamine has apparently revealed several NPC who could be coming very soon to the game, although it’s not clear what their role could be.

Spider, Goliath, and Prowler are all mentioned under the NPC notes, which means they could be implemented in the map or in a separate training mode.

Should they be in the map of the game, they could work as simpler soldiers did in the Titanfall games, playing together with you or against you.

Sure enough, a training mode could be a good way for newcomers to have an easier time while learning the basics of the title.