Apex Legends Season 2 Leak Reveals New Trailer


The Apex Legends Season 2 trailer appears to have leaked online, confirming some significant changes are coming to the King’s Canyon map. Very recently, the repulsor towers in the game have been turning off and on, causing the wildlife to behave differently. There have also been a lot of teases of a potential new Legend called Crypto.

It looks like the Leviathans can now roam the map after an EMP was set off, disabling the repulsor towers yet again. This action may very well have been carried out by Crypto.

Two trailers appear to have been posted a little too early by the Apex Legends community site. One of them focuses more on the story, while the other shows new gameplay from King’s Canyon. I’m inquisitive for the new Season to go live, as I want to see how the presence of the various wildlife will affect how people play the game.

There are also all sorts of new skins, weapons, and emotes on the way, which is what you would expect with the new Battle Pass for Season 2 about to launch. Apex Legends has had somewhat of a decline since it first launched, but this was, I feel, to be expected. It is challenging to keep that hype train rolling, and Respawn’s stance to avoid crunch is affecting their ability to bring fresh content to the game as a pace that satisfies all their players.

I’m sure that Season 2 will give the playerbase a bit of a bump, but I am personally happy to see a company taking an adult approach to how they manage workload and crunch, especially after repeatedly stories over the last year about the devastating impact that it can have on the lives of staff.