Latest Apex Legend Update Came With A Player Progression Bug, Now Fixed

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Earlier today, game developers Respawn released the 1.1 update for Apex Legends. However, when players logged in shortly after they installed the update, they noticed none of their progress had come with them, and they had started over.

Many players of the Apex Legends community took to the Reddit forums to warn others of the update and to inform Respawn of the issue. Shortly after it was confirmed, the servers went down, and Respawn got to work figuring out what happened.

Thankfully, it was a quick fix, as it turned out the update had mistakenly sent players to a brand new server of the game where no player progress had happened. As a result, it appeared a player’s achievements had been completely wiped. The developers shut down the servers, amended the issue, and turned everything back on.

“Any in-game purchases and progress acquired during the time between 1.1 going live and the fix will be reverted – levels earned, items unlocked, packs opened, and spent currency. If you continued to play and didn’t patch then this will not affect you,” Respawn shared in a Reddit post. ” Any currency purchased, spent or not, will be carried back over to their original account state. i.e., if you bought $20 worth of coins, and spent $18, then you will get $20 after the fix.”

While players might feel a little cheated out of a small day’s work, at least their overall progress remains intact.