Apex Legends: Wattson shocks her way to King’s Canyon | E3 2019

Respawn Entertainment has revealed a new Legend for the upcoming 2nd Season, Battle Charge, of their free-to-play Battle Royale Apex Legends.

Named Wattson and a character with a French accent with an admiration for her father, the new character utilises the power of lightning to support her team. She acts mostly as a support style character, including an electrified wall that will stun enemies that run through and a drone that will buff nearby characters shield while shooting down enemies throwables. Her passive will also mean that Ultimate Accelerants will charge to 100%, which means that keeping up her ultimate will be easy.

The abilities will allow her to build bases that teams can utilise as part of the team. Tactics should be a much bigger part of the game with Wattson involved.

The lore of the character tells of her father and her building the circle of the map, even so much as being born in the arena. The short of the game introducing the game is below:

The new character will be available to play from the beginning of Season 2 and will be purchasable from the store for in-game or premium currency. Those who have been playing Apex for some time should own enough coins to claim the Wattson without a real-money purchase.

He is the second new character to be introduced to the game following of Octane at the beginning of Season 1. While Octane is about risk versus reward with use of the Stim ability, Wattson is more traditional with his abilities.

It’s a welcome addition to the franchise after complaints that the game had begun to feel starved of content. It’ll now be down to Respawn to balance their characters further to avoid power creep. However, there is currently no release date for the new season or when players can get their hands on Wattson.