Apex Legends, Why Doesn’t It Have Titans?


In an interview with Eurogamer, lead producer Drew McCoy shared the reason why Apex Legends doesn’t feature titans.

That’s quite a weird decision, if you consider the game is a Titanfall spin-off, but the developer had design choices to make in order to allow the series to work in a battle royale context.

“The titans in Titanfall 1 and 2 were meant to be a power fantasy – you’re supposed to think ‘alright, I can call it in, I can power it up and feel like a bad-ass for a little while’, then it’ll probably blow up and you have a chance to do it again,” McCoy revealed.

“So we were prototyping that and they were a power-up, and that was really detrimental to a battle royale. Battle royales are supposed to be like Poker – everyone comes to the table with the same possibilities.”

With just one design decision, Respawn felt it was preserving both Apex Legends and the Titanfall lore where titans are super-strong.

“If we ever balanced a titan down to where they were not a destructive force on the match – it was like betraying that power fantasy, like they were made out of paper, a wet cardboard bag – it was not worth it,” he added.

It makes sense and, as the game is being run as a live service, we’ll see whether Respawn is able to find a solution to bring the titans in while not disrupting the “power fantasy” and the battle royale balance.

Considering Titanfall 3 is not being currently worked on, there’s a chance it’ll take a long while before we can play titans again.

Apex Legends, Why Doesn't It Have Titans?

Source: Eurogamer