Apple appeals verdict in Apple v Epic court case

Apple wants to recoup its one significant lose from the the case.

Image via Epic Games.

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Apple has filed a notice of appeal in the ever-growing battle between the tech company and Fortnite developer Epic Games.

The legal battle first began when Apple removed Fortnite from the app store last year which, unsurprisingly, angered Epic. The developer had voiced its dissatisfaction with Apple’s rule that the company receives 30% of all sales made through the App Store, including in-app purchases. Epic tried to circumvent this through discounting its in-game currency V-Bucks and allowing players to purchase directly from Epic rather than the App Store. Apple removed Fortnite, and in response, Epic filed a lawsuit.

In September, a ruling was finally given in the trial by U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Roger, which found in Apple’s favor for nine of the ten counts against the company, which Epic promptly appealed. However, Judge Gonzalez Roger found that Apple had violated California’s Unfair Competition law with its practices and ruled in favor of Epic on that charge. Apple was told it must allow apps to direct consumers to other storefronts than the App Store.

Apple is now asking for a stay on the injunction. If Apple is successful, all appeals must be settled in the case before the company has to comply with Judge Gonzalez Roger’s order, which could potentially take years. The injunction is currently scheduled to go into effect on December 9, while the hearing for Apple’s appeal will take place on November 16.