Arcadeo’s Latest Game Chair Features Haptic Technology and Even Works With TV

Arcadeo Gaming Haptic Chair

If you’ve been looking for a good gaming chair but want something that does more than just provide a space for your butt, then Arcadeo has just what you require.

During the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Arcadeo Gaming announced its new “smart chair,” which enables those who sit in it to interact more with gaming and television shows, thanks to its built-in haptic features.

With a USB-C connection, players can activate 10 different “haptic zones” built into the chair, translating actions in games and shows through vibrations. Utilizing “SmartSense” tech built into the chair, users can adjust each of these zones for strength and frequency.

Want to bump up the frequency and amplitude during your latest session of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Crank up the settings all the way up. Want something a little calmer when you race in Forza Horizon 4? Dial back the other way.

Arcadeo Chair

You can see how these settings are applied into the chair with LED lighting built into the sides and the back. As you adjust, you can see its shading change, letting you know whether things are just right or not with them. Through an aligning app, you can adjust them even further if needed.

Although this is state-of-the-art tech, it’s also not bad with pricing. Arcadeo’s chair is set to sell somewhere around $800, with a release due sometime this year.

The only competitor it faces in the market is Acer’s “budget-friendly” Predator Thronos Air, which also has haptic technology built-in, along with other features. However, it’s way more expensive, clocking in at $14,000. Arcadeo’s $800 offering seems way less pricey by comparison.

To learn more about the chair, check out the official site here. And ask yourself, “How much butt rumbling do I need with my next session of Overwatch?” To some, maybe quite a bit.