Armello Version 2 Releasing Feb. 26


Armello’s 2.0 update is launching on Feb. 26, the company announced. The update includes several UI rehauls, appearance changes, quality-of-life fixes, and supported online features.

A significant change coming with the update is the inclusion of hero mastery levels. Each hero in Armello will have a mastery level players can follow to level up their ideal character. As a player progresses through a character’s mastery, they receive rewards, which range from items to use in a game to character animations they can use during a match.

Outside the game, a player can visit a new area called the Clan Grounds. This new area allows you to customize your heroes, creating loadouts you can pull right before any match. The developers did not share how many available loadout slots they’re going to have at launch. The main menu and hero selection screen also received an update, making them easier to navigate.

To make it easier for friends to play against each other, you can now create a party before setting up a game. You can do this from every menu screen. Also, if any of your opponents, or friends, get disconnected while in an online match, they can rejoin without having to start a new game.

The full Armello patch notes are available here.