Armored Core 6 Players Discuss If The Game Is Too Hard

Armored Core 6 fans are excited to finally have the game, but many don’t remember how difficult it was to play it.


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It’s the first day of Armored Core 6, and players are diving into the game, excited to return to a franchise that has been on hold for the better part of a decade by FromSoftware. Now that they have their hands on it, there’s a heated discussion about whether the game is too difficult or on par with the expected challenge that comes with a FromSoftware title.

Many fans are jumping into the game and are finding themselves hitting walls at the first handful of bosses – and they’re barely a few hours into the game. Some have started sharing their experience with AC6, talking about the difficulty, and excitement, of the early boss battles.

Fans of Armored Core 6 Dive Back Into the Beloved Franchise, With Difficult Bosses Greeting Them

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Armored Core 6 was released last night, and within 24 hours, many players have been reportedly sharing their stories about how brutal the gameplay is when fighting some of the more challenging bosses. Many of these have appeared on the Steam page, with several sharing negative reviews. The Reddit, on the other hand, is a different story.

Many on the Armored Core Reddit highlight Balteus as the boss that’s considered the “skill check” for this FromSoftware title. Many who play FromSoftware games typically crown a particular early boss as the one that was designed to test players and their knowledge of the controls, timing, and overall gameplay. Everything normally lines up well for players after this point, and it’s no different for Armored Core 6.

Alongside the difficult discussion, many players have shared their overall creativity in Armored Core 6 by raining the Reddit page with multiple emblems and designs. One player went so far as to make a Batman Beyond mech, another recreated a Gundam with iconic colors, and someone else made an emblem playing the Foxhound emblem from the Metal Gear Solid series. It’s only the first weekend for Armored Core 6, but fans are jumping straight in with the mech customization, and we can expect a lot more in the coming weeks.

Although difficulty has always been a topic when it comes to FromSoftware games, the quality has never been argued. These games’ challenges have always set them apart, and Armored Core 6 is no different. We imagine that in the next few weeks, many of these early bosses will be much easier, and fans will have much to say about the bosses that appear close to the end of the game, which constantly challenge players.