Armored Mewtwo Promo Pokémon TCG Card Announced for Japanese Moviegoers


The Pokémon franchise announced another promo card in its long line up of promos, Armored Mewtwo. The card comes shortly before the release of the new film Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution in Japan. Armored Mewtwo will be given to fans in Japan that see the film in theaters.

Pokémon isn’t new to promo cards for their films. Just looking at the list for the Wizards of the Coast promos is daunting. The tradition is a long one, going back to 1999 (US) film Pokémon The First Movie. At the time, there were four promotional cards: Electabuzz, Mewtwo, Pikachu, and Dragonite. Each card was stamped with gold holographic lettering promoting the film. Of course, moviegoers were eager to collect them all. Harking back to the first film, the newest addition to this collection is Armored Mewtwo.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Joe Merrick. Fans will recognize the name as’s webmaster. Serebii is a treasure trove of Pokémon related information. From new game information to strategies for past games, it is the internet based Pokédex we have always wanted. As such, it isn’t surprising that Joe Merrick was the first to announce the card on his Twitter.

Fittingly, the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is a remake of the 1999 film Pokémon The First Movie where Mewtwo got his original debut, and children everywhere learned the pain of Ash’s death. Now fans will get to experience that in 3D. At least they will have Armored Mewtwo to comfort them. Fans will receive the card at the theater for attending. The movie comes out in Japan on July 12. Currently, as Serebii notes, it is unknown if the card will make to US theaters.