Game Freak Trademarks Armored Mewtwo


Game Freak sent out a trademark for an Armored Mewtwo concept in Japan earlier this year on February 18. This trademark was sent out before the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

This trademark could confirm the little rumor going around that trainers are going to have the chance to capture armored Pokemon or have armored evolutions. Unfortunately, until Nintendo of America or Game Freak gives further details, fans are left speculating the meaning of this trademark. The trademark could merely be for an Armored Mewtwo card, or to have this mythical Pokemon show up in another game.

Others think it may serve for the new Pokemon movie coming out, Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution.

For now, we’re left wondering what it all means, and what new things we can expect to see when we journey through Pokemon Sword and Shield’s new Galar region.