Who is the ARMS character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? We have a few theories

Who could the new character be …and what is ARMS?

ARMS promo image

During Nintendo Direct, they announced that a character from ARMS would be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, leaving ARMS fans asking, who could it be? And leaving Nintendo fans asking, what is ARMS?

If you aren’t familiar, ARMS was a fighting game released in 2017 during the first summer of the Nintendo Switch’s life. It involves fighting with extending and retracting spring-loaded arms.

That summer, there weren’t too many large-brand titles out yet, aside from Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey wouldn’t be out until the fall. While anyone who bought their Switch later on probably didn’t give ARMS the time of day, quite a few players who owned the console from launch were hungry for new content. These were the folks most willing to give ARMS a try.

Who might be coming to Smash?

While the character from ARMS hasn’t been named yet, it’s safe to assume that the new character will most likely be Ribbon Girl.

Ribbon GIrl
Image via Nintendo

The two main characters in the game of Ribbon Girl and Spring Man. Each of them already has their outfits and masks available in Smash, and they are the two faces of the game.

The chance of it being Spring Man is pretty low, considering he is already in Smash as an assist trophy. This is why Ribbon Girl is the most likely choice.

Spring Man assist trophy
Image via Nintendo

Other possibilities for characters would include Min Min, Twinelle, and Ninjara, since they are featured in Smash as spirits alongside the other two. But it would be strange for them to skip over their poster girl.

Regardless, whoever they add is going to shake up the game with some serious range, and some serious punch.