Pokémon Go is adding Articuno to Field Research mission rewards this June


Niantic has announced plans to make Articuno, one of Kanto’s legendary bird Pokémon, the next research reward in Pokémon Go starting on June 1.

Field Research rewards are part of the game’s mission feature, known as Research Tasks. By completing a quest once every day, players earn stickers. After collecting seven stickers, trainers unlock the option to capture a legendary Pokémon.

Moltres was the first Pokémon capturable as a mission reward when the system launched followed by Zapdos, who was added into the game last month. Just like Moltres, Zapdos will no longer be available as a mission reward when Articuno joins the game June 1.

Alongside Articuno, a bunch of new missions revolving around Water-type Pokémon will also be available come June. These new missions are based around Articuno’s typing, so if you live next to a seaside or river area, they should be easy to achieve.

Articuno was originally added to Pokémon Go as a Legendary Raid back in July 2017 alongside Lugia. The duo were the first legendary Pokémon to be added to the game alongside the new Legendary Raid feature, starting a trend that goes on to this day.

With Articuno joining the game, trainers have just one more week to get themselves a Zapdos. Considering a trainer needs to collect seven stamps, one for each day, today might be your last chance to get this powerful Electric-type Pokémon. Niantic has not yet confirmed if it, or Moltres, will return to missions in the future or if they are gone for good.