Ashen Dev A44 Details Xbox One X Enhancements

Ashen is a wonderful soulslike game with some interesting twists in regards of the original formula it draws inspiration from.

It’s available now on Xbox One as a console exclusive and on Epic Games Store as a PC exclusive, so you go there and grab it as soon as you can if you’re into the genre.

Xbox One X is being supported with a 4K resolution and a second mode offering a focus on performance at 1080p, although not doubling down on the frame rate.

The dev team A44 has shared some intel about what to expect in terms of support for the console, with a focus on native 4K support.

“The A44 team aimed to create a deeply immersive world for players to get sucked into. The Xbox One X’s ability to render at 4k, allowed us to truly realize this vision for Ashen…,” the indie dev says.

“Our stylized world is one where the 4k enhancement really draws you in and breathes an entirely new layer of fidelity onto the world. Developing Ashen for Xbox One X meant that we didn’t need to make any compromises to the original vision and really enhance the overall experience…”

As for the next endeavours from this talented team, “we’ve already got ideas percolating for the future, so watch this space!”.

You can check the full interview over at Xbox Wire.

Ashen Dev A44 Details Xbox One X Enhancement