Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Getting Astral Chain Spirits Later This Week

Smash Bros. Astral Chain Event

It looks like one of Nintendo’s biggest action hits from last year will get a boost in its most popular fighting game to date.

In an announcement via Twitter, the Nintendo Versus account confirmed that a special Spirits event based around the Platinum Games-produced Astral Chain will take place in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It will kick off on Jan. 17 and will run for five days.

The details about what these Spirits can do haven’t been revealed just yet. However, like previous Spirits, players will probably need to beat challenges for each character to unlock them on the Spirit Board.

The four-pack will include the characters pictured above — yes, that means Lappy, too.

For those unfamiliar with Spirits, they modify how a Fighter can perform in Smash. These include bumping up their statistics, status effects, equipped items, and even some stage hazards. With an Astral Chain theme, it’s unknown just what these characters can do. Will Lappy run interference? What about Akira and Kyle? We’re not sure just yet.

This is the latest Spirits event for the game, following ones themed around Pokemon and Resident Evil. They should be a big hit with fans, even with the limited time frame of just five days.

That said, there are some disappointed that they won’t see the main character from Astral Chain (like Akira, for example) debut on the roster. However, considering there’s a second season of characters on the way (not to mention a fifth still debuting for season 1), the possibilities remain wide open.

We’ll let you know as soon as we find out what these new Spirits can do. For now, mark your calendars for this Friday.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now, as is Astral Chain.