Astral Chain: How To Change Outfits


Astral Chain is Nintendo’s latest game released on the Switch. PlatinumGames developed the game, the same developers as the Bayonetta series and the popular Nier: Automata game. Critics have greatly admired the game; it currently has a positive 87 percent on Metacritic. We on Gamepur highly recommend the game in our review. Critics praised the style and gameplay of Astral Chain, favorably comparing it to past PlatinumGames.

You can customize your playable character, changing their hairstyle and clothing. However, you can only change your character’s clothing in a specific location.

Astral Chain: How To Change Outfits

To change your character’s clothes in Astral Chain is quite simple. In the Neuron HQ, which serves as the game’s hub world, you can go to your locker and change clothes. Your character’s locker should be on floor B2 in the Neuron HQ.

Once you find your locker, walk to it, click on it, and select the Equipment option. In the Equipment menu, you can switch out the different pieces of your outfit. You can change your jacket, shirt, glasses, and more at the locker.

There’s also a Change Costume option when you click on your locker. At different points of the game, you can unlock new costumes for your character to wear. The Change Costume option allows the player to switch their costumes.