Astral Chain Is Meant To Be A Trilogy


Platinum Games is one of the most prolific video games developers out there, and this is why at times it releases titles with very little fanfare. They’re doing this with Astral Chain, a brand new IP that they announced only a few months ago. It’s already shipping out Aug 30, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

As we draw closer to the release date, we learn more about what the Japanese developer wants to do with Astral Chain. The company opened up about how they’re going to handle the game’s DLC and whether a sequel to the game is already in the cards or not.

“Currently, there are no plans to publish extra content for Astral Chain,” director Takahisa Taura told IGN Benelux (via NintendoEverything). While this isn’t particularly surprising if you consider other previous games by Platinum Games, which is used to go from a game to another quickly, there’s something more unexpected, too. That is different for the game’s story. We’re making the game as a trilogy, and this is the first part of that trilogy. If this game sells well, we might see how the story of the series continues.”

So, there’s not only one sequel on its way but two, as they wrote the story as a trilogy.

Of course, the fact that Astral Chain might become a trilogy or remains a standalone title depends on how well the first chapter sells this August. There’s a chance Astral Chain’s sequel could get set aside in the Platinum Games’ development cycle later because they still need to ship Bayonetta 3.

In the wait, you can read our first post-E3 2019 impressions about the game here.