Astral Chain wants you to be a good cop cleaning the streets— by picking up trash


We were recently invited to a post-E3 Nintendo event by the wonderful folks over at Nintendo UK to play a host of games revealed at the show, as well as learn new information for some of this year’s upcoming titles.

One of these games that we got a small glimpse of was Astral Chain, a new action RPG-like title by the folks over a Platinum Games that has you become a cop in a futuristic city, watching over the last remnants of Humanity. The game is releasing exclusively on Nintendo Switch this August.

While players are going to have their fair share of puzzles, massive boss fights, and combat to wade through in this sprawling world, one thing that was shown off to us at the demo was certain hilarious things players can do that affects the world as a whole.

For example, you can pick up cans and litter off the floor and throw it into nearby trash cans. Throwing the litter back on the floor, however, will cause citizens around you to react to you doing un-cop-like things and scold you for not being a good cop.

The Nintendo representative at the event even went on to show how you can get fined for crossing a street when the lights aren’t green with cars and passersby screaming at you to abide by the law— a common theme that relates not only to the story but the world itself.

This feature is not a small mechanic in the game as the player gets rewarded for cleaning. So players are encouraged to collect every piece of trash they come across or clear the streets of any evil red pulsating areas using your various tools are all ways to get small, but noticeable bonuses.

The Nintendo representative playing out the demo also listed some more things that could get you in trouble in-game. One example they used was when completing a side mission to arrest an individual, a fan of the said individual went and attacked you as the player for trying to take the person they love away.

There seems to be a lot of other little secret hidden away features we have yet to discover about Platinum Games latest title and if its anything like this— we are sold day one.