Inside Xbox: Pirate Game Atlas Receives October Release Date for Xbox One


Microsoft held their latest Inside Xbox presentation today, Sept. 24. One of the announcements made was for the upcoming pirate game Atlas.

During the stream, Microsoft detailed Atlas will release for the Xbox One on Oct. 8, in a couple of weeks away. The game will be launching into the Xbox Game Preview program and will have crossplay compatibility with the PC version of the game on day one. Atlas will also have full game parity between its Xbox One and PC versions. This crossplay means whenever an update comes to the game, it will be available on both Xbox and PC versions at the same time.

Speaking of updates, some things players of Atlas can look forward to after the game launches. Immediately after launch, the developers are planning to work on quality-of-life improvements. After that, the next phase of updates will focus on ships and sailing and making them more significant parts of the game. Developer Grapeshot Games also encourages players to send feedback on the game via their forums or social media channels.

Atlas‘ lead designer, Erik Waananen, states that the game is different from fellow Xbox One pirate game Sea of Thieves. Atlas is an “online, multi-player, pirate, survival game” with a massive open world where thousands of players can connect. Waananen also boasts the game’s “truly persistent world.” If one player builds a ship or base in part of the world, other players connecting to the server will find that exact base in the same spot.