Atomic Heart’s amorous fridge robot Nora is shocking players with her lewd dialogue

Someone needs to go to horny jail.

Image via Mundfish

Atomic Heart is the newest first-person shooter for gamers looking to satisfy their lust for robotic carnage. What most didn’t anticipate, however, was having to deal with an extremely blatant and horny robot consistently throughout the game. The obscene refrigerator, NORA, is used often for upgrading weapons and skills, but players on Twitter are absolutely divided on what to make of her incredibly naughty banter.

Some people find NORA’s dialogue endearing, taking to Twitter to express their admiration for the sentient robot. She is a machine that knows what she likes, and many are unapologetically in love with it. To be honest, her comments can be a bit shocking at times. Some examples out of many that could make you pause include, “Got a sword? a massive sword? Thrust it deep into my socket so I can make it sturdier and sharper” or, “A quick romp with your axe is just a taste of what’s to come, you handsome beast!”

Some players are not as enthused with the perverted fridge, however. It has been noted that NORA’s outbursts include absolutely cringy dialogue, and yet not many are talking about it in reviews. Forespoken was torn asunder by players for its dialogue, leading many to wonder why extreme sexual comments get a pass.

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Aside from the Forespoken comparison, a portion of people on Twitter is just saying that NORA comes across as annoying and not entertaining. She will often go on for minutes with remarks at the player when they enter the room.

NORA the crude robot just adds to the division amongst gamers on this title. Atomic Heart has had quite a share of controversies since its reveal. Developer Mundfish has been accused of harvesting user data and providing it to Russia. They have also been called out for not denouncing the war in Ukraine.