Automatons Might Just Help You Survive In Frostpunk


Frostpunk is currently being developed by 11 Bit Studios, the dev team that brought us the amazing This War Of Mine. Frostpunk once again looks to throw the player into a complicated world, where the normal rules of society don’t apply. It has been described as a mixture of survival, city building, and society-simulator. You will need to inspire hope, and the will to live, in the people under your care. There will be systems in place that cover rules and laws, and you will have decide the social norms of this new world. Just like This War Of Mine, the challenge appears to be not just surviving, but also holding onto your humanity while you do so.

Today, 11 Bit Studios unveiled Automatons, massive machines that can do risky jobs for you, instead of having to risk sending people to do them. Automatons bring big benefits in the game, helping your economy and chances of survival. They can also be upgraded to become more efficient. They can also pose interesting questions within the game world, such as how your populace will react to being replaced by machines, and what you have to do when people suddenly become superfluous to their own survival.

On top of the video showcasing these vast machines, linked above, the developers have also promised a new gameplay video in the coming weeks. They have said that not only will this reveal more details about the game, it will also tell us the release date. I find myself incredibly excited about this game, as This War Of Mine provided one of the most unique gaming experiences I have had in some time.

Are you prepared to risk all in the frozen tundras of Frostpunk? Will you embrace the machines, despite the risk they pose to your society? I cannot wait to answer those questions for myself, but what about you? Will it be progress before people, or people before all?