Escape From Tarkov New Year Event Has Begun

It’s time for another annual New Year event in Escape From Tarkov. This time around, Battlestate Game will allow players to play Santa Claus, even though it’s a few days past December 25th. Anyone who already had access to the game very early on will receive a free standard edition key that they can gift […]Read More

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide Hub

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the player takes on the role of Henry, a lowly son of a Blacksmith, who’s trying to find his place in Bohemia and exact some revenge on folks. Our complete collection of guides will assist you in solving some of the more difficult tasks, tricky problems, or hidden secrets in the game.Read More

Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub

This Guide Hub is TL;DR Games’ central hub for all the guides aimed at providing players with the knowledge, advice, skills, and access to secrets that are required to get the most out of Monster Hunter: World.Read More

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Guide Hub

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a whimsical game with a real sense of relaxation about it. It offers up an open world of exploration and adventure and hides within it many secrets and collectibles. We’ve gathered here a collection of guides to help you get the most out of your experience.Read More

Warframe Guide Hub

Warframe is filled with all kinds of interesting and unique loot, activities and challenges. In this Guide Hub you will find help with how to finish the games Quests, find and build new Warframes and Weapons, kill bosses and farm rare materials. The Guide Hub is fully searchable, and our guides are always being updated […]Read More

The Long Dark Guide Hub

The Long Dark is an unforgiving survival game, and its recently released singleplayer story mode offers its own set of challenges. This Guide Hub will be your one-stop source for all the help you need, whether it be about surviving on your own in Survival mode, or how to complete one of the many missions […]Read More

World War 3 Adds New Maps and US Expeditionary Corps

The Farm 51 is happy to announce that World War 3 has received a major update adding new content, including the new maps, prototype Smolensk, and TDM Berlin, along with many fixes and improvements to the playing experience. The developers have taken the community feedback to heart and are focused on implementing fixes to the […]Read More

Hitman 2 Elusive Target #2 – “The Revolutionary” – Available

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive today released the second Elusive Target mission in HITMAN 2, featuring Vicente Murillo, a rebellious political figure known as “The Revolutionary,” who mysteriously disappeared in South America during the 1980s. Murillo has now returned and plans to create a new world order beginning with Colombia. Intel shows that […]Read More