Frostpunk’s Survivor Mode Update is Live

Frostpunk has been out for a mere two months but 11 Bit Studios are already following through on their promise to provide continuous updates to the unforgiving city builder. The new Frostpunk Survivor Mode is now live and has been pushed out to all owners as part of the latest 1.1.0 update. Have a look at how this new mode makes a difficult game even more challenging for those of you that got too good at keeping your citizens warm and alive.

Frostpunk‘s Survivor Mode is a true test of your skills in the arctic wasteland. This special mode should challenge even the most seasoned survivalists. Not only has the difficulty been ramped up beyond Hard, but there are new limitations on your choices as a player. You can no longer pause the game at will, nor can you save at your leisure. Changes are only saved when exiting the game, so all decisions are final. Those that do succeed, however, stand to earn some new achievements.

Frostpunk's Survivor Mode Update is Live
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There are more features to come to Frostpunk in the near future as outlined in 11 Bit Studios’ 2018 roadmap, pictured above.

Frostpunk is currently on sale on Steam for 15% off and you can find the full list of 1.1.0 change notes on the official Frostpunk website.