Baby fever arrives this March with The Sims 4 infant update

It’s finally time to break the baby out of the bassinet.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A community stream for The Sims 4 included an announcement for something simmers have long been waiting for: the release date of the infant update. A few months back, The Sims team gave a revolutionary teaser that they’d finally upgrade babies from objects in a bassinet to real, full-fledged, interactive sims. Similarly to toddlers, infants would now crawl, play, eat, bathe, and grow. Since then, fans have waited with bated breath for when they might see this update in Origin, but it finally seems like the wait is (almost) over.

Like many The Sims 4 updates, the infant update will show up in a regularly scheduled patch. The patch in question will update on simmers’ computers on March 14. After that date, your sim and their baby can bond like never before. From Evergreen Harbor to Del Sol Valley, the infant update will be changing the entire game — unless you don’t play with families much. In that case, the free March 14 update will be business as usual.

For nearly a decade of The Sims 4, infants were more like fish than little sims. You interacted with that in their bassinet and nowhere else. As of the infant update, though, infants are as interactable as toddlers. Developers showed off a plethora of baby-related activities in The Sims 4 Community Stream. You can play with them, feed them, bathe them, and so much more. Some of their new behavior will be adorable, like little giggles and goofy expressions.

However, beware of the terror of tantrums, teething, and crawling all over the place. For better or worse, your sim families will never be the same again. And the family dynamics might change even more with The Sims 4 Generations-style Expansion Pack rumored to be announced in The Sims 4 YouTube Stream happening February 2.