Family Reveals Baby’s Gender Using Mario Maker 2 Level

Nintendo has brought families together with their video games for decades, having those young and older share in the delight of playing family-friendly games. However, one man decided to use Mario Maker 2 to share with his family the latest addition to theirs through a level he created.

Jonathan Steele took time out of his way to make a Mario Maker 2 level and bring his entire family to watch him go through it.

Steele made sure to share a video of his family’s reaction to the big news, along with his progress in the level. You can watch both of those in the video below. There are subtitles in the video, so you can make sure you hear his entire family’s commentary as he goes through it.

The level begins like the classic World 1-1 level and takes a few unique turns as Steele added his flavors to it. He spoke with NintendoLife about his time making the level, along with why he and his wife chose to make the announcement the way they did.

“We knew we wanted to do something fun and unique but were having a hard time coming up with anything we loved,” Steele said to NintendoLife. “Then I remembered that I was waiting eagerly for the release of Super Mario Maker 2. I asked Lissette if she thought it would be cool to use that game somehow for the reveal. She said, ‘Yeah, go for it!’ Super Mario Bros. is the franchise that got me into gaming. My siblings and I grew up playing the NES together, so I knew it would mean a lot to my family.”

You can see how well Steele and his wife tease the announcement and learn for yourselves the big reveal.

Those interested can play the level themselves through this code: 80H-9P7-QFG

Baby Steele Gender Reveal

We reveal the gender of our second baby to our family using a level I created in Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch! Want to play this level yourself? Enter the code 80H-9P7-QFG in the Course World of Super Mario Maker 2 and enjoy!