Back 4 Blood initially blocks single player progression

Scarier than the Ridden.

Back 4 Blood

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood is currently available in early access for users that purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions. These early users have shared images of what the game looks like when played solo. Upon opting to begin the campaign without other players, the following warnings pop-up:

  • Uses solo decks created in the Fort Hope deck menu
  • Maps and objectives will be adjusted
  • Matchmaking and player invites are disabled
  • Earning supply points is disabled
  • Stat tracking is disabled
  • Earning progress toward accomplishments is disabled

The negative reactions from the community have prompted developer Turtle Rock Studios to address the concerns on Twitter. Their answer was non-committal, stating that they’re going to “strategize on potential ways” to fix the solo progression. Based on the tweet’s wording, players shouldn’t expect traditional solo progression in by the official launch.

Supply points are one of two forms of currency in Back 4 Blood, the other being copper. During traditional co-operative play, supply points are used to purchase cards for your character build deck. Solo campaigns unlock all the cards for immediate use, however supply points are also used to purchase cosmetics. This doesn’t address other issues with current solo progression such as the disabling of achievements and stat tracking. Players are upset because they feel like they shouldn’t be punished for playing alone.