Baldur’s Gate III To Be Revealed At Google Stadia Connect – Rumor

Google Stadia

A few days ago, Larian Studios teased on its website something related to the number III, and it was initially thought to be a Divinity Original Sin III teaser. However, after a few hours, a suggestion sparked over the Internet: could it be Baldur’s Gate III, instead?

Now, as posted by insider Liam Robertson, there’s a chance that Baldur’s Gate III, which would be in the making at Larian together with the XCOM-like Fallen Heroes, could be revealed at this week’s Google Stadia Connect.

As we’ve reported, Google has revealed that it will announce prices, catalogue and release date for its streaming platforms this week, and it remarked that there would be new game announcements at the event. It looks like a rather fitting definition for BG3.

“My sources indicated that this was the date and time of the reveal,” Robertson said, pointing at the Thursday, 9 am PST event. “I also heard that Baldur’s Gate III was planned to open the show. With half of that being confirmed, BG3 is looking likely.”

So, with this in mind, if the sources were correct the first time, we don’t see how they could be wrong in the second. Baldur’s Gate could truly be making a comeback very soon and with one of the most talented RPG makers around, Larian Studios. What do you think about that? Let us know in the comments!