Bandai Namco expands its popular VR ZONE attractions to the UK


Bandai Namco is expanding its popular VR attraction, VR ZONE, to the UK.

The company plans to launch spin-offs in London called VR ZONE Portal. These will host the some of the same experiences that fans can find in Tokyo. The first two locations will be at The O2 Arena and Tunbridge Wells with Bandai looking to expand to other places in the UK later this year.

The original VR ZONE located in Tokyo, gave fans the chance to try out various different games and experiences. Mario Kart, Dragon Ball, and Evangelion were just some of the popular franchises offered.

Only three of the 16 experiences offered at the VR ZONE in Shinjuku, however, will be available for fans in London to try out. These include Argyle Shift, a mecha action title, Hospital Escape Terror, a horror experience that two to four people take part in at the same time, and The Big Fear of Heights Experience, a tightrope simulator that will test your fear of heights while suspended in the air.

Price for using the VR ZONE depends on which titles fans want to try out. Argyle Shift, for example, costs £4.99 per use while the Hospital Escape Terror game costs £7.99 each at The O2 Arena. Fans can try both experiences for a total cost of £11.99.

At Tunbridge Wells, however, Bandai are selling the games as experiences, rather than individually. One experience costs £4.99, two cost £8.99, and all three cost £13.99.

The OP has reached out to Bandai Namco for any information on future titles that might be added to the UK VR ZONE.