The Banner Saga Trilogy is Coming to Nintendo Switch


The Banner Saga 3 is on its way, and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch—along with the first two games.

During Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase, The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2 were hinted to arrive on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop sometime “soon.” The Banner Saga 3, on the other hand, is heading to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch later this summer, with all four editions launching simultaneously, Polygon reports.

That means once the final game launches, the entire trilogy will be playable on the Switch.

The Banner Saga is a tactical strategy series inspired by Norse mythology where players lead their party into battle while facing a permadeath system during combat.

The series, which has since launched across PC, mobile, and console platforms, originally began in 2014 and features several former BioWare developers creating the game. Expect the third title for summer 2018.

H/T Nintendo Life