Barbarian Barrel is the newest card coming to Clash Royale


The Barbarian Barrel is the next card coming to Clash Royale.

The concept behind this card may remind fans of the Goblin Barrel, but they’re actually quite different. Both the Barbarian Barrel and the Goblin Barrel are three-elixir Epic Spell cards, and that’s pretty much the only similarity between the two.

The Goblin Barrel is thrown through the air, and when it breaks, three Goblins spawn. The Barbarian Barrel, on the other hand, is rolled like The Log card. And when this barrel breaks, only one Barbarian spawns.

In comparison to The Log, the Barbarian Barrel costs one more elixir, deals less damage, and has a shorter range. The only benefit would come from the Barbarian that spawns—but is that really worth the extra elixir?

The Barbarian Barrel is the latest card coming to Clash Royale following the introduction of the Magic Archer on March 2. Many Clash Royale players are eager to see what kind of strategies they can develop when the Barbarian Barrel joins the game on Friday, April 6.