Batman Arkham Origins Dev Warner Bros. Montreal Won’t Be At E3 2019


DC games have witnessed a huge comeback thanks to the success of the four games developed in the Batman Arkham universe, but at the time being things have apparently stalled. We’ve already reported about Rocksteady Studios not being involved at E3 2019, and we have more bad news today.

The news that Rocksteady won’t be at E3 was already quite disappointing. The studio has skipped E3 2018 and The Game Awards for two years in a row and has still to reveal what it is working on after the release of Batman Arkham Knight in 2015.

Now, we also have the confirm that Warner Bros. Montreal, the other developer which has worked on Batman Arkham games in the past and specifically on the prequel Origins, won’t be at E3 2019 for some reason.

The news comes from game director Geoff Ellenor, who has shared that he is in Montreal and has just watched the newest Godzilla movie in a theater, “not in an airplane.” This means he is not travelling, and won’t be travelling, to Los Angeles for a proper E3 2019 reveal.

We still don’t know for certain what the studio is up to, but it has been rumored that it is working on some kind of Batman Arkham service game that should be launched next year. There was also a rumor about a Suicide Squad game, but none of them will pop up at E3 2019 it seems.