Batman: Arkham Legacy First Trailer Reportedly Scheduled for The Game Awards


Batman: Arkham Legacy‘s first trailer is set to air at The Game Awards in December, according to a new report.

The rumor, just the latest in a long series, comes from YouTuber Slcmof, who originally leaked the scrapped Batman Arkham game with Damian Wayne as the protagonist. It was later confirmed to have been in development for a while through several concept arts.

Slcmof hosted a livestream a few hours ago and claimed that the newest Batman Arkham game in the making at Warner Bros. Montreal is almost ready to show up and will be revealed at The Game Awards on December 12, 2019.

The details are sparse at the time being, so we don’t know if the trailer will end with a release date or window, and if it’ll showcase some actual gameplay to give us some idea about the changes done to the most recent Batman: Arkham Knight.

Previous rumors claimed that the game would focus on the Court of Owls, a criminal organization opposing Batman’s effort to save Gotham City from crime. Some of those leaks even reported that we would not only play as the Dark Knight but also as other characters in the “bat family.”

Warner Bros. Montreal has developed Batman: Arkham Origins in the past, a prequel to Rocksteady’s trilogy, so in terms of curriculum vitae, it has all that it takes to work on the fame franchise now. Rocksteady is instead reportedly working on something different, and possibly more significant, in the DC universe.