Batman Capture The Knight Teases New Warner Bros. Montreal Game


Warner Bros. Montreal has shared an official teaser on his social network accounts for what is seemingly a new Batman game. The teaser comes with a message, “Capture the Knight,” and a couple of logos in an animated image attached to the tweet you can see below.

As noted by fans, the logos are involving the Court of Owls, which has always been connected to the newest game from Warner Bros. Montreal for some reason we’re getting to understand now better.

The Court of Owls is going to be the main villain in the title, even though we do not know whether this game would be coming as a new Batman Arkham or something separate from the Rocksteady universe (unlikely, but still we don’t know).

From what we see, the evil organization will be on the Dark Knight’s traces to “capture” him, and most likely get the complete control of Gotham City. The developer is known to have worked on Batman Arkham Origins, a prequel to Rocksteady’s trilogy, which at this stage we’re rather safe is not involved in other Batman experiences.

The fact that the teaser is coming only a few hours before PlayStation’s State of Play and Microsoft’s Inside Xbox could be a hint at a full reveal very soon, at one of the two platform owners’ broadcasts. So, stay tuned over the day not to miss anything.