The Batman and Fortnite Crossover is Official and Happening Now


There have been legendary crossovers for the past few years. We’ve had Marvel bringing in all of their superheroes into on big movie in Infinity Wars. We have had Supernatural meeting up with Shaggy and Scooby. We even had a DC crossover event featuring all of the DC heroes on television meeting in one place. Now, we have Batman going over to Fortnite.

For the past week, many have speculated about Batman making his way over to Fortnite. Batman is about to celebrate his 80th anniversary. It makes sense for publishers and developers to want to follow his hype train. Epic Games Store did not confirm it, but it has since come clean about it and released a trailer.

You can check out the trailer at the bottom.

What changes does this bring? Right now, Titled Towers is Gotham City, allowing players to brood in the most heroic manner possible. Additionally, there’s a full cosmetic store of items available for players to pick up to celebrate the dark knight. There are gliders, bat-themed grappling hooks, Batman and Catwoman costumes, Catwoman accessories, and a handful of other treats for comic fans to admire.

You can pick up the items right now, and check out the newly themed Tilted Towers.

The event is going to continue until Oct. 1, and if you play right now until Oct. 1, you have the chance to grab some few rewards, such as the Catwing Glider. If you’re looking for other ways to celebrate Batman, you can grab two different Batman game collections from Epic Games Store for free.