Battle Chef Brigade Developers Sends ‘Thank You’ to Videogamedunkey


If you’re not subscribing to Videogamedunkey yet on YouTube, then maybe you should. Previously known for his League of Legends videos, Dunkey holds over four million subscribers on YouTube, where he regularly posts comedy gaming videos. And one indie developer is extending his heartfelt thanks after the YouTuber included his game in the channel’s latest video.

In “Dunkey’s Best of 2017,” Dunkey details some of the best video games around from 2017, touching on everything from Persona 5 to Nier: Automata. During the first five seconds, he even shows some gameplay footage from¬†Battle Chef Brigade, while calling it one of several games part of “the single greatest year ever” for video games.

It’s a short moment, easily missed before the video’s top 10 list. But it caught the eye of Tom Eastman, one of the game’s developers.

Published by Adult Swim Games and developed by Trinket Studios, puzzle hit Battle Chef Brigade took off last year as one of the most exciting indie games on the Switch. Eastman, who co-founded the studio and served as the game’s programmer, quit his full-time job just to create the game. But as a Dunkey fan, he was particularly touched by the game’s inclusion in the video, so he posted a short letter on r/Games thanking Dunkey for the clip.

“When I worked at a medium-sized game studio after college, we got into League of Legends,” Eastman wrote. “Obviously, that was a gateway drug to Dunkey and I’ve been a subscriber ever since.”

According to Eastman, he quit working at his original job five years ago and proceeded to work on Battle Chef Brigade with his newfound company. And now that the game is out, seeing Dunkey include the game as part of his highlight reel has made Eastman feel like he’s finally made the right choices for his career.

“When I saw the one second of Battle Chef Brigade footage as Dunkey said ‘great year for games,’ I finally felt like maybe quitting a stable job was worth it,” Eastman explained. “Weird that Dunkey is the one that made that sink in for me… Thanks, Dunkey.”

The comment, which has since earned over 500 upvotes on Reddit,¬†later received responses from Redditors praising Eastman for the game and encouraging him to check out other YouTubers who praised Battle Chef Brigade, including WWE’s Xavier Woods. Others planned to try the game out, encouraging more sales for the indie hit.

“You know, I’m not huge on puzzle games, but this honestly just looks like such a unique take on a game that I can’t help but give it a try,” one user replied. “Good on you for helping to make something like this.”

Battle Chef Brigade is available now for Nintendo Switch and on PC through Steam. The game combines puzzles with beat-’em-up combat, much to gamers’ critical acclaim.

H/T r/Games