Battlefield 1 DLC available for free until May 15


If you’ve got a copy of 2016’s Battlefield 1 sitting on your shelf but you never indulged in any of the downloadable content, it might be time to put the disk back in.

The first expansion for Battlefield 1, They Shall not Pass, is available for all players to download for free until May 15.

This isn’t a trial or limited play deal—it’s just free forever. But you have to download it before May 15, or miss out. After that the price will return to $15.

The DLC adds a ton of new content to the game, including four new maps set in the Battle of Verdun and the Second Battle of the Marne. The expansion adds the French army to the game, bringing with them a host of new weapons and vehicles unique to their side of the war.

There’s also two more operations, and the addition of the Frontlines mode. Frontlines features 32 players, and is a combination of Conquest and Rush modes.

They Shall Not Pass was the first of four expansions for Battlefield 1 so far. The most recent, Apocalypse, was released in February. More content will be added in June, when Shock Operations mode is added to the game.

If you’re diving back into the game for the free DLC, today is the best day to do so. Players can claim ten free Battle Packs today which contain skins for the game’s weapons.