Former DICE Employee Hints Battlefield 2018 To Be Set During WWII


There have been rumors all over the internet regarding the upcoming Battlefield game, as the game will be releasing this year. EA has recently also confirmed that the game (Battlefield 2018) will be releasing in October 2018 and will be set during the WW2. And there is more evidence that the game is set during that period as an artist who was a former DICE employee has shared some information.

Battlefield 2018 Set During World War II

Peter Olofsson Hermanrud, the former DICE employee, now at Bungie, had posted his portfolio on ArtStation, which showcased a lot of his artworks and designs. And among those weapon designs, he had uploaded was a weapon named PPS-41. This weapon was nowhere to be seen in Battlefield 1, and neither has to be during WW1. However, this weapon was used during the WW2.

This information is solid and provides somewhat evidence that the upcoming Battlefield game is set during WW2 and might be a direct sequel to 2016’s Battlefield 1. There has been no official announcement yet for EA, but an announcement is expected soon. Check out the artwork of PPS-41 below (as shared by Peter Olofsson).

pps-41-artwork-2-battlefield-2018 pps-41-artwork-battlefield-2018

Source: ArtStation