Battlefield 2042 screenshots, artwork, and details leaked

It looks incredible.

Just ahead of a planned reveal for the latest game in the series, images have appeared online that seem to be from the upcoming Battlefield 6 title. Reputedly titled Battlefield 2042, the game is due to be publicly unveiled by published EA and developer DICE later today.

The official stream to show off the game for the first time will be taking place at 3 PM BST / 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on the official Battlefield Youtube channel. The leaked images appear to be from the game’s upcoming trailer, and they do appear to be legitimate.

Battlefield has always had a very specific style and tone that it has stuck with pretty much since Battlefield 3. While the settings and weapons have changed, the visual flare of a Battlefield game is pretty much unmistakable, and while people have tried to copy the cinematic look, they have not quite managed the magic that DICE consistently pulls off with how the games look.

The leaked images have all the hallmarks of DICES work, from the smooth atmospherics, particles, fogs, and dust clouds, to the almost trademark look they get with explosions and textures. The cover art is a harder thing to call, but we have no reason to doubt the legitimacy of it in light of the apparent realness of the other images.

There is not long to wait until the reveal stream goes live, and we end up learning all about the next Battlefield title, so make sure you stay tuned for further updates.