Battlefield 2042 will nerf the PP-29 and Hovercraft in the next update

It was good while it lasted.

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Image via DICE

Like any new competitive shooter, Battlefield 2042 is going through the growing pains of unbalanced weapons. The game is good, chaotic fun, but not always for the right reasons. Shortly after launch, the game’s community banded around the PP-29 as the single most reliable weapon. The compact SMG seems to outperform other automatic weapons in their intended ranges and is desirable and despised. The LCAA Hovercraft has also drawn criticism for how difficult it is to take down, considering it also carries decent mounted weapons and can scale any surface.

The good news is that these issues are on DICE’s radar. The upcoming Battlefield 2042 patch will nerf both the PP-29 and the LCAA Hovercraft. The PP-29 will see a noticeable increase in recoil, bringing it more in line with other SMGs as a dedicated close-quarters weapon rather than a small assault rifle. For its part, the Hovercraft is getting a reduction in HP, making it easier to get rid of. The NTW-50’s damage against vehicles will be reduced, which seems like an odd balancing move for anti-material rifles.

The patch will deploy on November 25 and address several other critical issues with the game, such as reviving bugs and the lack of HP bars over enemy vehicles. Weapon spread will also be lowered across the board.