Battlefield 2042’s second big update fixes respawn bug, vehicle adjustments, and more

A bigger update is coming next week.

Battlefield 2042 DICE game mode guide

Image via DICE

Battlefield 2042’s second big update is available to download now, and it comes with a variety of updates, including fixes to critical bugs, adjustments to various vehicles, and numerous general changes.

The game has been suffering from issues related to reviving other plays and the ability to respawn. If a player died too close to a wall or water, another player wouldn’t be able to revive them. This issue has now been resolved. Another issue occurred where some players in a downed state wouldn’t be able to respawn, which has also been fixed. The patch notes also state that they’ve added an invisible 30-second timer which will “force a redeploy should it be required,” as a backup option.

Various vehicles have received adjustments. MD540 Nightbird Mounted 20mm Cannons have had their damage upon impact radius reduced, and have also decreased their splash damage. The damage of Miniguns on all Land Vehicles has also been reduced, and bullet damage drop-off is now starting earlier. Mostly, several vehicles have received nerfs rather than any kind of buffs.

And bullet spread has been reduced across all weapons except for shotguns, allowing for greater accuracy. There were some online fixes, too, including a fix for an issue where players queuing for a match in Battlefield Portal would be sent back to the menu rather than joining a match when a slot becomes available.

Update #3 is set to launch next week, which will supposedly be the game’s “biggest update so far,” with bigger changes, performance enhancements, and more quality of life changes.