Battlefield V Will Feature Battlefield 1 Like Campaign Mode, Co-Op Conquest


A new rumor about Battlefield V hints at the possible inclusion of a co-op mode based on Conquest, which would apparently feature levels and missions generated randomly.

On top of that, we also have few details about the campaign mode, which is reportedly similar in terms of structure to the one we played in Battlefield 1. So it’d be composed of different stories coming from multiple locations and factions.

Battlefield V Singleplay Campaign Details Leaked

In general, DICE and Electronic Arts are said to be working on a game which would be quite similar to Battlefield 1 when it comes to look and feel, something we can see where it comes from, considering how much the game was appreciated (with 25+ million gamers overall).

Finally, there’s also a hint at a possible in-game functionality, with the ability to go prone similarly to what seen and played in Rainbow Six Siege. That would allow moving in internal and smaller locations in comparison with the open spaces we’ve played so far in the Battlefield franchise.

At this stage, Battlefield V has been all but confirmed, but several believable sources have already confirmed its existence together with the fact DICE will be very careful at the paths they follow when it comes to microtransactions.

Officially, the game will be revealed at EA Play 2018 in June.