Rumor: Battlefield V Has Co-Op, Cosmetic Loot Boxes, and Multiple Theaters of War


Less than a week after a leak emerged over EA’s upcoming Battlefield title, a report from GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb suggests the upcoming World War II-themed Battlefield V will feature randomly generated co-op missions as well as cosmetic loot boxes.

The claim, which builds off last week’s reveal from the publication, cites a leak obtained by GamesBeat as well as a report from USgamer published on Friday. For one, Grubb’s write-up claims that the title “Battlefield V” is a work-in-progress name that could change over time, as Battlefield 1 previously used the title before as a placeholder in the past.

GamesBeat also alleges that Battlefield V’s singleplayer campaign will feature “episodic ministories” that “take players to various theaters throughout the second World War.” Theoretically, this means players may get the chance to play as the Americans, the Soviets, and the United Kingdom across the Western, Eastern, and Pacific fronts. As to whether players will be able to play as Nazi Germany in singleplayer, that remains unclear.

GamesBeat’s report also claims that Battlefield V will come with a co-op feature where players run through “randomly generated Conquest missions” together. And the site even claims that the upcoming game will let players lie prone on their backs, mirroring mechanics seen in games like Rainbow Six: Siege.

Meanwhile, another report from USgamer cites a source “familiar” with Battlefield V who says the game will come with loot boxes. That anonymous source explained that players will have “way more customization options for your soldiers” when the game lands, although it seems loot will be “cosmetic only.” Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has since called USgamer’s report “a bit premature,” although he acknowledged that DICE is “indeed hoping to stick to cosmetics.”

While Battlefield V hasn’t been officially announced yet, its existence will most likely be confirmed by E3 2018, where EA has teased a new Battlefield reveal for 2018. Until then, fans only have speculation to go on over the next few months ahead.

H/T PC Gamer