Battlefield V Concept Art Confirms Norway And North Africa As Locations


The official Battlefield Twitter account has shared a new set of Battlefield V concept arts which confirmed Norway and North Africa as the locations that will be available in the game. The concept arts were shared with an interesting caption: “You might think you’ve seen World War 2, but there are more battlefields than you might know. Norway? North Africa? This is World War 2 as you’ve never seen it in gaming.”

Battlefield V Is An Alternate On World War II

Does this mean – Battlefield V is going to be an alternate take on World War II or the development team is exploring other parts of World War II that no games have covered so far? This query came into the minds of many Battlefield fans, one of them being Twitter user Nathan S and he immediately inquired about it with DICE via Battlefield official Twitter account. Here’s what the reply came:

“We wanted to bring to the forefront unseen, untold and unplayed experiences that most players have never seen in gaming or heard of before.”

Battlefield V is scheduled to launch worldwide on October 19. For this year’s installment DICE has made some massive changes – no auto Regen health, the ammo will be limited, gunplay will be skill-based, minimal HUD on screen, and so on. Take a look at this 69 Important Battlefield V details that every Battlefield fans should be aware of.