Too Little, Too Late? DICE Still Trying to Appease Battlefield V Community


Battlefield V has had a shaky life after its release a little over a year ago. With an outspoken fan base that has been demanding transparency and changes, DICE has had it tough trying to get this game back on its feet. Can this change with the update due out tomorrow? Set to tackle weapons and the damage they do outside of their designed range, the aim is to help change the way gunfights play out in-game.

The biggest change being included is the narrowing of weapon ranges. This is meant to make the gunplay less frustrating by limiting the range at which weapons can do significant damage, but many players in the community fear that this change will create another slew of frustrations, as players aren’t able to choose the distance of engagement for every encounter. This update also brings many small tweaks and changes to the game, as detailed in the patch notes.

DICE may be in a lose-lose situation, with some kind of disappointment being inevitable with every change. It’s not to say Battlefield V is a failure, or even a bad game. It has its issues, but in the wake of games like Anthem experiencing catastrophic launch, it can’t be said that Battlefield V is a poorly made game. The release of its battle-royale mode earlier this year, called Firestorm, was met with positive reception, even if it didn’t take off as they had hoped.

It is also important to note that a new map, Wake Island, is set to release later this month, and a new battleground to play in can sometimes help sway anger from fans.

Battlefield V‘s troubles have been well-documented, and the community has remained passionate about the changes they want to see in the game. Much of the issues players have had with the game are the time to kill (TTK) and weapon balancing. After the massive success of Battlefield 1, players were disappointed in the way DICE changed some of the fundamental systems of the game. An attempt to innovate ended up backfiring, and now the studio is still trying to fix the problems.

Regardless of how this game is changing, it’s nice to know that DICE is at least making an effort to try. Hopefully there can be more communication with the community, more refinement for the systems, and hopefully the game can maintain a sense of momentum going forward.