Battlefield V Battle Royale | E3 2018

A new look at Battlefield V’s multiplayer mode was revealed today during EA Play 2018, in addition to a new Battle Royale mode, “reimagined” for Battlefield.

Developers confirmed that there will be no loot boxes and no Premium Pass.

Defenses can now be moved around the battlefield, with a return of the destruction system that makes it even harder to hide from tanks as they rip through each building. You can customize your soldiers as part of the game’s portrayal of World War II. 

Battlefield V focuses on World War II, centering on some of the most important conflicts of the war. It’ll be staying away from some of the more overused Western Front battles, approaching things with a fresh new angle. It’s meant to explore “unseen locations and untold stories” and promises to deliver new and interesting narrative-driven experiences. 

With that in mind, “War Stories” is coming back after its appearance in Battlefield 1 with a series of standalone tales that allows for the game to build upon the strengths from Battlefield 1’s campaign for an exciting single-player experience. The new “Combined Arms” mode will offer cooperative gameplay features as well, with narrative-focused objectives that put an emphasis on four-player team survival. 

Battlefield V is the sixteenth entry in the long-running first-person shooter series, and it’s set to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps.

The game was first revealed in a brief announcement trailer during a special livestream from EA and DICE, where it introduced an intriguing new focus on female soldiers fighting on the frontline, sparking something of a backlash from a vocal minority of players who weren’t “historically accurate.” It has since continued to stir up controversy with this new direction, with DICE’s general manager Oskar Gabrielson taking to Twitter to address detractors, saying “player choice and female playable characters are here to stay.”

Battlefield V is scheduled for an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC release on October 19, 2018.