Battlefield V Might Feature Two Maps From Battlefield 1942


As you might remember if you are an early adopter of the franchise, Battlefield V is not going to represent the first time ever that a Battlefield game gets set in a World War II environment.

This might lead, of course, to some kind of easter egg or remake of stuff we’ve already played in the previous games of the series, and that’s apparently a path that DICE is willing to take when the title releases.

Battlefield 1942 Map Coming To Battlefield V

Aleksander Grondal, the executive producer, has indeed suggested that Battlefield 1942 is the Battlefield game he prefers the most, and “I’ll leave it at that.” So it’s clear that the Swedish developer is at least exploring the idea of bringing older content to the newest release.

Interestingly, the answer came via Twitter to the question of a follower about two specific maps of Battlefield 1942: Omaha Beach and El-Alamein. So we might already have the names of the maps involved, in case.

Battlefield V is releasing on October 19, and it’s going to be showcased at EA Play, so in that occasion, we might be learning more about the game and the multiplayer component before it drops.