Battlefield V Microtransactions Are Not Going To Be “Pay-To-Win Anymore”


A new Battlefield V report hints at the presence of microtransactions, something which Electronic Arts and DICE are supposedly working on quite carefully, much more than in the past, after the Star Wars Battlefront II controversy.

Kotaku had a chance to talk to “one person close to the next Battlefield“, who said that the Swedish studio is doing all it can in order to offer a microtransaction system which wouldn’t have any disruptive impact on gameplay.

Battlefield V Microtransaction Won't Be On Pay-To-Win Model

“No one’s gonna do any pay-to-win stuff anymore (…) We didn’t take any of the loot box controversies lightly,” this person told Kotaku’s Jason Schreier a few hours later the original rumor about a World War II-set Battlefield V. “In the end, we’re gamers as well… We understand their hate.”

Regarding that rumor, the source said it is “accurate, if a bit immature”, considering DICE is still studying how to make that cosmetic-only mechanic work with loot boxes. That report is indeed “making a conclusion about something that is still inconclusive.

By the way, in terms of proper location and times, Battlefield V looks confirmed to be set in World War II, after a successful return to the historical theme with Battlefield 1. We learned it was supposed to be named Battlefield 2, a solution later discharged, but however significant about the possibly similar structure it’ll share with the latest game in the series.

Source: Kotaku