Battlefield V’s War In the Pacific Set For Reveal This Week


Fans of Battlefield V have been awaiting new content for the game since DICE nixed plans on the competitive five vs. five mode. Well, they’re about to get it.

A new tweet was posted on the Battlefield V Twitter account, confirming that a “full reveal” of the new War In the Pacific expansion will take place on Oct. 23. A teaser video is viewable below, giving players a slight idea of what kind of war they’re in getting ready to play.

There’s no release date on the expansion. But early details indicate players will be able to fight across three new maps in the game, along with choosing between U.S. and Japanese factions. The expansion is also likely to introduce several weapons and gadgets, though exact details aren’t confirmed just yet. This expansion may also include vehicles, including specialty boats.

This content is part of DICE’s current movement to “focus on improving the quality of the experience” of the game, following the controversial cancellation of the previously mentioned mode above.

Fans that want to tune in to the War of the Pacific can do so here on the game’s official YouTube page. We’re going to learn more details on Oct. 23 at 9am EDT when DICE reveals more information, which should make quite a start to someone’s day out there.

We’ll bring you full details as soon as they’re available, including a potential release date, which could be before 2020. Fingers crossed!

Battlefield V is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.