New Battlefield V War Stories trailer revealed | E3 2018

Microsoft showed off a new, brief trailer for Battlefield V’s War Stories mode today during its E3 2018 conference. The mode will focus on the people and personalities during World War II as it unfolds.

In particular, we got a brief glimpse at Battlefield V’s “Nordlys” story, the tale of a young Norwegian Resistance fighter. “You must pay an unthinkable price to save not only yourself, but also your family,” the trailer said at the very beginning.

The mood was a somber one as the trailer aired during the conference. DICE had previously given us something of a tease with this story mode, though we hadn’t yet gotten a great look at what to expect thus far from it. We’ll hopefully see more details on the single-player vignettes as E3 2018 wears on. 

The first-person shooter is continuing in Battlefield 1’s footsteps with a trip back in time to World War II. Yesterday, during EA Play 2018, DICE and EA revealed that the game would feature a new Battle Royale mode, with additional details surrounding that option in particular coming later in the year. 

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The game will feature several new multiplayer modes as well, including the “continuous” campaign mode “Tides of War,” as well as the new version of the previous “Operations” mode, Grand Operations. The game will not feature loot boxes—cosmetic items and other goodies will be earned via the completion of various in-game objectives instead. 

Are you eager to get your hands on Battlefield V? You can preorder it right now on all platforms, in both Standard and Deluxe Editions.